The Most Effective, Versatile, and Efficient Pain Management Devices

Outstanding Results

Accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and more.

Quick & Painless

Non-invasive 10 – 30 minute treatments with no discomfort or reported side effects.


Pre / Rehabilitation, chronic conditions, wound management, and more.

Erchonia’s non-thermal lasers are the only Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) devices to be FDA Market Cleared for pain management – FDA Level One (510k) clearance is the ‘gold standard’, requiring placebo controlled, double blind, randomised, and multi-centre studies. The treatments are short, effective, and easy to administer, saving time and minimising physical exertion. There is no associated pain or reported side effects, and the technology is very safe with no health risks. Used on their own or as an adjunct, the lasers can treat a wide variety of conditions, allowing you to expand your treatment range and grow your practice. We provide the training, ongoing support, and marketing, so you can focus on what matters most – your patients.

XLR8 Laser for getting rid of any aches and pains


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XLR8® Laser for Pain Relief | Erchonia® Lasers
XLR8® Laser for Pain Relief | Erchonia® Lasers

The XLR8® is a cordless handheld device with a simple graphic interface and preset / customisable protocols. It is the only non-thermal laser to be FDA Market Cleared for treating back, shoulder, and heel pain, and provides fantastic results in convenient pain-free sessions.

XLR8® utilises true laser technology, optimising photonic energy delivery through the use of monochromatic, collimated, and coherent beams of light.

Put simply, the XLR8® delivers parcels of light energy into the cell which the cell can use, and the parcels are delivered in the most effective and efficient way. This added energy fuels key processes, and creates a communication effect from cell to cell, stimulating healing, relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and restoring function. Please watch this video for more information:

Lasers for Pain Management | Erchonia®
Lasers for Pain Management | Erchonia®

The device is ideal for traveling doctors, companies on a tighter budget, and personal use. It is best suited for musculoskeletal and transcranial work, but is not recommended for high volume practices as treatment time is extended due to a single applicator.

Erchonia EVRL laser for treating back pain, neck and shoulder pain, heel pain, and post-surgical pain


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EVRL® Laser for Pain Management | Erchonia® Lasers
EVRL® Laser for Pain Management | Erchonia® Lasers

NEW in series: The EVRL® has the same properties and mechanisms of action as the XLR8®, but the addition of a violet wavelength (405nm, 5mW output) allows the laser to treat more advanced conditions (e.g. bacterial, fungal, or viral infections), and enables the device to treat both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems simultaneously.

EVRL® is recommended for physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports medicine practices, and professional sports clubs.

Base Station Laser for removing pains

Base Station

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With the Base Station, you can choose three lasers from XLR8® and EVRL® (e.g. two XLR8® and one EVRL® – the best of both worlds).

This combination allows doctors / practitioners to treat multiple patients simultaneously, and / or to carry out advanced protocols on patients by using multiple lasers on several different points of the body at the same time.

FX635 Laser for Pain Relief and Pain Management


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FX 635 Laser For Pain Management | Erchonia® Lasers
FX 635 Laser For Pain Management | Erchonia® Lasers

The Erchonia® flagship device for pain management:

• The quickest and most efficacious results as per clinical studies.

• The best marketability of any pain management laser in the world due to its US FDA-clearances.

• Completely hands free so you can save on staff costs and increase profits.

Recent Testimonials

From chiropractors and physiotherapists, to physicians and surgeons, to professional sports clubs and sports medicine practises, here’s what our clients have to say about our medically-certified non-thermal lasers.

“I am thrilled to have bought the EVRL, now I have it I don’t know how I did without it. I was very sceptical when I went to the Erchonia seminar but became increasingly amazed by its potential and effectiveness. It has increased the scope of my practice as well as giving me confidence to treat people with challenging conditions such as osteopenia, advanced arthritis, chronic inflammation, and those with low pain thresholds.”

Nell Chandler, DC


“As a busy practitioner I need tools that are time efficient, effective and easy to use between different practitioners. I came across Erchonia at a seminar in London and was impressed by the amount of research behind laser therapy and the number of FDA approvals related to the Erchonia units. EVRL is quick, efficient and very versatile. It broadened my treatment protocol options to include a higher level of interventions.”

Martin Andersen, DC CCEP MCC


“As a diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board I have an interest in functional neurology and was intrigued by the EVRL’s apparent effectiveness on neurological disorders such as senile dementia as well as musculoskeletal problems. The laser has become an indispensable addition to my practice helping to reduce the physical load on my body, speed up recovery and increase mobility in patients.”

Julia Waring, DC


How to Choose the Right Device for Your Clinic

All lasers in the Erchonia® portfolio would be a valuable addition

Red 635nm
2 Diodes
Red 635nm
Violet 405nm
2 Diodes

Base Station
Plus 3x
Lasers of
Choice From EVRL & XLR8
Red 635nm
3 Rotating Diodes
Cost / affordability
Collimated, monochromatic, coherent true laser
Electromagnetic energy transfer
Lightweight and portable
Ideal for offices with limited space
No pain or discomfort felt by client
Safe and effective
Clinically proven with placebo controlled, double blind, randomised, and multi-centre studies
US FDA-approved & CE marked
All pain management
Accelerated healing
Best for para-sympathetic nervous system
Can be used for or sympathetic AND para-sympathetic nervous system
Musculoskeletal management
Functional neurology
Gut to brain axis
Fungal and bacterial management
Best for acne and skin conditions
Sports rejuvenation
Health / wellbeing
Ideal for high volume clinics
Plug, play, and walk away
Why Choose Erchonia®?

World Leaders in Low-Level Laser Technology

With over 25 years of experience, 16,000+ devices in the market, and 18 FDA-clearances, Erchonia® Corporation are world leaders in non-thermal laser technologies for pain management, fat loss, cellulite reduction, nail fungus removal, and more. Based in the UK, Erchonia Lasers Ltd are a subsidiary organisation. We provide personal support to companies in Europe, Middle East, and Africa… Read More

About Erchonia® Corporation
About Erchonia® Corporation

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Over 25 Years of Experience

Founded in 1996 – first Low-Level Laser in the world to gain FDA market clearance.

18 FDA (Level One 510k) Clearances

Proven by placebo controlled, double blind, randomised, and multi-centre studies.

16,000+ Devices in the Market

Leaders in the field with over $5 million invested in R&D at any one time.