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XLR8 for pain reduction


Pain Relief
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XLR8 Laser for Pain Relief | Erchonia® Lasers
XLR8 Laser for Pain Relief | Erchonia® Lasers

The XLR8® is great for personal use, traveling doctors, and companies who are on a tighter budget.

The device is best suited for musculoskeletal and transcranial work, but is not recommended for high volume practices as treatment time is not minimised due to there only being a single applicator.

EVRL laser for pain removal


Pain Relief
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The EVRL has antimicrobial properties to treat more advanced conditions (bacteria, fungus, infection, virus, etc…), and treats both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems due to the use of two different wavelengths.

EVRL is recommended for integrated practices, functional medicine, family practices that treat all ranges of conditions, and for sports medicine practices (due to the diagnostic muscle testing of finding hidden weaknesses with the violet diode and shutting them down within seconds).

Base Station for Pain Management

Base Station

Pain Relief
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With the Base Station, you can choose three lasers from XLR8 and EVRL (e.g. two XLR8® and one EVRL – the best of both worlds).

This combination allows doctors / practitioners to treat multiple patients at the same time, and/or to carry out advanced protocols on patients by using multiple lasers on several different points of the body at the same time.

FX635 laser for reducing aches and pains


Pain Relief
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FX 635 Laser For Pain Management | Erchonia® Lasers
FX 635 Laser For Pain Management | Erchonia® Lasers

The Erchonia® flagship device for pain management:

The quickest and most efficacious results as per clinical studies.

The best marketability of any pain management laser in the world due to its US FDA clearances.

Completely hands free so you can keep patients going for as long as needed without affecting your schedule.

How to Choose the Right Device for Your Clinic

All lasers in the Erchonia® portfolio would be a valuable addition

Red 635nm
2 Diodes
Red 635nm
Violet 405nm
2 Diodes

Base Station
Plus 3x
Lasers of
Choice From EVRL & XLR8
Red 635nm
3 Rotating Diodes
Cost / affordability
Collimated, monochromatic, unidirectional true laser
Electromagnetic energy transfer
Lightweight and portable
Ideal for offices with limited space
No pain or discomfort felt by client
Safe and effective
Clinically proven with placebo controlled, double blind, randomised, and multi-centre studies
US FDA-approved & CE marked
All pain management
Accelerated healing
Best for para-sympathetic nervous system
Can be used for or sympathetic AND para-sympathetic nervous system
Musculoskeletal management
Functional neurology
Gut to brain axis
Fungal and bacterial management
Best for acne and skin conditions
Sports rejuvenation
Health / wellbeing
Ideal for high volume clinics
Plug, play, and walk away