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Welcome to Erchonia®

With over 25 years of experience, 16,000+ devices in the market, and 18 FDA-clearances, Erchonia® Corporation are world leaders in Low-Level Laser technologies for pain relief, fat loss, cellulite reduction, nail fungus removal, and more. Based in the UK, Erchonia Lasers Ltd are a subsidiary organisation. We provide personal support to companies in Europe, Middle East, and Africa… Read More

An XLR8 laser quickly removing aches and pains from a woman's back

Pain Management

Grow your business with state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared lasers for treating back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and more…

A woman quickly removing fat from her stomach area with Emerald Laser

Fat Loss & Body Sculpting

Stand out from the crowd with the most effective, painless, and healthiest lasers for fat loss, cellulite removal, body contouring, and more…

A woman treating a fungal infection with Lunula

Nail & Skin Pathologies

Expand your product range with medically-certified, FDA-approved lasers for treating acne, nail fungus, plantar fasciitis, and more…

Introducing EMERALD™

Erchonia’s Emerald™ laser is scientifically proven to be the most effective, painless, and healthiest treatment for fat loss, cellulite removal, and body contouring.

Emerald™ is the only fat loss device on the market that is approved for treatment on 30+ BMI.

Applied externally, the laser targets excess fat by emulsifying fatty tissue through the use of non-thermal laser technology.

Introducing the Future of Fat Loss | Emerald™ Laser
Introducing the Future of Fat Loss | Emerald™ Laser

No Surgery

No Side-Effects

No Pain

No Downtime

Proven & Measurable Results

Treat Larger Surface Areas

Unattended Treatments

The EVRL Opportunity

Each year, approximately 20% of the European adult population are affected by chronic pain.

This includes 153 million people suffering from migraine or other disabling headaches, 200 million musculoskeletal disorders, and 100 million experiencing other forms of chronic pain.

The estimated direct and indirect healthcare costs for chronic pain disorders in the European Member States vary between two and three percent of GDP across the EU – up to 441 billion Euros.

Erchonia’s EVRL laser is FDA-proven to provide lasting relief from lower back pain or heel pain, giving your clinic a unique opportunity to expand your product range.

A woman getting rid of back pain fast with Erchonia’s EVRL laser


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Devices in the Market


Years of Experience

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